Where and how to learn SEO to dedicate to positioning

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Very good to everyone! We are already another week to talk about SEO, online marketing and everything that surrounds the positioning in Google.

First of all, congratulate you on the new year we entered, happy 2017! You might be listening to me on August 12, this is what the podcast has haha, but for all of you who follow me weekly, I wish you a great year with great health and many challenges.

I am going to move quickly to the main theme of the program because in the previous podcast I coiled too much with personal issues and I want what I tell you here to contribute 100% to your needs.

How to learn SEO?

It is a question that you really ask me a lot. The answer is somewhat diffuse since SEO is something that does not have an official training school and all that can be learned is by way of unregulated training, courses, blogs, and material generated by experts.

Throughout the program, I will try to explain, from my humble point of view, how you should start in the SEO world if you want to dedicate yourself to this professionally.

Let’s distinguish the fundamental parts of SEO learning

I think that a simple way to understand this matter is to understand that there are 3 fields that we have to nurture to achieve a good knowledge about web search engine positioning.

The theory
It is the basis of everything. We need to know where we are getting.

SEO has a somewhat strange learning curve.

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At first, we need to consume a lot of theoretical content, we have to work the technical base.

We will start with more basic SEO concepts such as the operation of search engines, we will see the importance of SEO on-page and gradually expand knowledge. It is a lot of information and we have to consume it little by little, understanding very well the reason for things.

When people start studying this subject, it is usually with the goal in mind to focus on earning money. And what usually happens is that you go to sources of information that usually give advanced advice and with very specific approaches that do not cover everything that is necessary to fill that knowledge base.

I started like that in the main Black Hat courses and forums. You want something fast, easy and that works. Then you already realize that things do not work that way.

And the complex learning curve is because once we have that very solid knowledge base, in order to move forward we need to testify a lot and the thing becomes very vertical again. At the same time experimentation becomes essential to continue moving forward, but we’ll talk about that in a few minutes.

The practice

I have sinned in this area. The practice has to be work from the zero minutes.

It is essential that you start everything you learn in theory because, from my point of view, it is the only way to assimilate and understand everything that is being explained to us.

My main fault, and I think it happens to more than one, is to try to know everything before starting.

This is never possible in any matter, but in SEO it is even less likely. That is why I recommend you, and I repeat it again, put into practice everything you study, and do it as soon as you can.

I think this is one of the keys to today’s podcast, be clear.

The experience

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Finally, and unconsciously, we are learning from experience.

Errors are something absolutely normal, I am not one of those who think that if you do not fail you do not learn, I prefer to learn correctly, but it is true that certain errors give you a different perspective for the future.

Experience is undoubtedly the fundamental area in SEO and differentiates the great professionals from the rest.

To become an expert in this you have to see a multitude of cases, carry out experiments, and above all be open-mind, see new opportunities, be curious and finally have the ability to bring all this to useful conclusions.

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