What is SEO and how does it work?

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Search Engine Optimization by its acronym in English is translate into Spanish in different ways, including search engine optimization, search engine optimization, and web optimi

In recent years, SEO has been one of the most valuable practices of web marketing, due to the contributions it generates to the traffic of a web page. This contribution, according to the intention of the page, can translate into more sales, more opportunities, greater publicity, greater dissemination of content, etc.

How do search engines work?

If the intention of SEO is to get better positions for search engine results, then it is necessary to understand how these search engines work.


Search engines draw a network on the web using bots, which are responsible for tracking web pages through links, in a way similar to what a user would surf the internet.
This tracking process begins by browsing previous web addresses and sitemaps, once the bots access these sites, they look for links to other pages to visit them.


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When the tracking bots have entered a web page, it records all the necessary information and indexes it according to its content, its authority, and its relevance. In this way, when you make a request in the search engine, it will be easier to show us the information that is related to your request.

SEO Importance

The reason why SEO is so important is simple, SEO makes your website more practical, both for search engines and Internet users.

How can we appreciate all this information in the results? Let’s take an example: If our online store of musical instruments is index by the search engine with the terms “violin”, “guitar” and “piano”, this will mean that our website handles content related to these three elements. Now, if our website is position as the first result for the search for the word “guitar”, this will represent a high number of visits, since it is estimated that the first result in a search engine achieves about 60% of clicks.

Regarding the number of requests made for each topic in the search engine, these figures are immense and will vary according to the type of content. For this reason, the benefit of being properly position in search engines generates traffic of great importance for the website.

How does Google track and index my website?

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Search engines track all websites through their “robots” or “bots” which are programs dedicate to reading, extracting and archiving the content of web pages.

It is important for this to have a good link structure so that robots can move from one link to another collecting data on those websites (text, images, links, etc).

The bots go through the Internet through the links they find in order to find new pages and review the indexed ones in case they have new content.

Therefore optimize everything that may affect that tracking (images, links, loading time …) and what can influence it is what we will consider SEO On Page.

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